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Hays County is conducting a study to identify a route that will extend RM 150 from the intersection of RM 12 at RM 150 and connect to US 290 west of Dripping Springs. The purpose of this study is to plan ahead, so that Hays County can continue to improve transportation, safety, connectivity, and mobility and provide more options for travelers.

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Thank you for sharing your comments on the second Open House for the Dripping Springs Southwest Connection Study, available April 4-29, 2022. The County is currently reviewing and evaluating comments received on the study and will share the meeting summary when it is available. The study will be finalized and presented to Commissioners Court in Summer/Fall of 2022.

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  • Hays County is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation.

  • It is anticipated that the population will increase by 267% by 2045, and that employment will increase by 221%. This will bring more cars and people to the area and increase congestion.

  • Hays County seeks to identify a path for a future roadway to add much-needed capacity south and west of Dripping Springs.

  • It is Hays County’s responsibility to plan proactively for transportation needs in the County to compliment the planning done by TxDOT and local governments.​


  • Study the area to identify a feasible footprint for a future roadway route, which considers current and future development

  • Coordinate with property owners and the community to share information on the study, receive input, and minimize impacts where possible

  • Plan ahead to help the County and other partners plan for budgeting, design and environmental considerations of a future roadway


Through the Dripping Springs Southwest Connection Study, the County is working with local stakeholders and property owners to develop preliminary engineering plans (up to 20% design) for a future roadway. The intent is to minimize environmental impacts and impacts to property owners and to provide a safe, direct route between RM 12 and RM 150 southwest of Dripping Springs. The study will not include final design or construction plans.


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  • When is RM 1826 going to be improved and how will that tie into the improvements to Darden Hill?
    The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is currently studying the feasibility of improvements to RM 1826 from US 290 to RM 150. These potential improvements include upgrading the existing 2-lane road to a 4-lane divided roadway with bicycle and pedestrian paths. The feasibility study is anticipated to take one year to complete. At this time, there is no funding identified for detailed design or construction of the potential improvements to RM 1826. View the TxDOT web page for updates on this study: RM 1826 from US 290 to RM 150 ( The County recognizes the significance of collaborating with TxDOT as these projects progress. The Hays County Darden Hill Road project involves coordinating with TxDOT during the design phase and the TxDOT feasibility study for RM 1826. As both projects advance and identify funding, Hays County and TxDOT will maintain open communication to ensure alignment of project phases and final plans.
  • Will the improvements to Darden Hill include native landscaping?
    Design details such as native seeding for erosion control will be developed and shared with the community as the project moves into future phases of design. Preliminary design for the project was funded through the voter approved 2016 Road Bond and additional funding will be needed to construct the roadway. Natural vegetative filter strips will be included in the median. These filter strips remove sediment and other pollutants before the water drains to existing creeks while keeping a more natural feel to the area.
  • What is the proposed speed for the improved roadway?
    The design speed limit for the improved roadway is expected to be 45 mph.
  • Will the improved roadway include sound barriers?
    Hays County does not typically include noise barriers on locally funded projects. However, the County recognizes that noise can be disruptive to adjacent property owners, and will consider using a special pavement that dampens roadway noise.



View Archived Materials from the Dripping Springs Southwest Connection Study.



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